Life doesn’t pause – neither should your electric!

Allow Smith Generators to provide continuing power with a GENERAC Guardian Series generator. When the power goes out, your GENERAC generator comes on – automatically! Smith Generators offers a full line of residential and commercial generators to protect your home or business from power failures. From installation to annual maintenance, Smith Generators is your one-stop-shop. Act now, before you are left in the dark.

A One-Time Investment for a Lifetime of Security

Protect your home and business with a power continuance system that does not require you to do anything when power failures occur. Smith Generators will keep that system working for you with our ANNUAL SERVICE PROGRAM—all at a cost that is much lower than you would expect! For a video demonstrating how the Generac Automatic Power backup generator works, visit the Generac website.

Protect Your Family

Power outages lasting more than 24-hours have tripled in the last 25 years; sending millions of families to crowded shelters for water, heat, and other necessities. Prevent this situation from happening to you with an automatic power backup system from Smith Generators.

Protect Your Business

When the power goes out at your business, it is more than just an inconvenience. Workplace power outages result in loss of perishable inventory, loss of employee productivity and loss of sales – all equating to a loss of money!